Consultants collaborating with MET-ICG


MET-ICG welcome Prof.Raja onboard as a senior science consultant pla Prof. Raja has established several international collaborations on Corrosion research. He was a guest researcher at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, Visiting Professor at University of Nevada, USA and Guest Scientist at GKSS Germany and Tohoku University, Japan. Currently he has ongoing collaborations with Canada, France, Australia, Belgium and Netherland on various corrosion related problems

Prof. Milos Djukic

MET-ICG welcome Prof. Milos Djukic onboard as a senior science consultant Prof. Djukic research work is focusing on hydrogen embrittlement and hydrogen-material materials metallic mechanisms in interactions. He is also workïng on research areas involving corrosion, materials characterization, mechanical properties and materials science

Prof. Jing Liu

MET-ICG welcome Prof. Jing Liu onboard as a senior science consultant Prof. Liu research work is focusing on Corrosion and Electrochemistry in Advanced Energy Systems (CEAES). Prof. Liu ongoing research involves repurposing urban infrastructure for high-pressure and storage, H2 transport and corrosion electrochemical studies, sour and sweet corrosion resistance of alloys and coatings, high-temperature corrosion: oxidation, molten salts, and steam corrosion, Corrosion under insulation (CUl) on carbon steel pipes and several more